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About me

I studied Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at the University of Maastricht. Here I got my teaching degree in mathematics in 2014 and my Bachelor of Science degree in 2016. During this time, I participated in research projects in the domains of Tetris AI, three-cushion billiards AI, two-player board games AI and traffic simulation. My final thesis examined the application use of Monte-Carlo Tree Search in the board game Risk.

After my study in Maastricht I studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht, where I choose the agent focused study track and am expected to receive my Master of Science degree in November 2018. In Utrecht I participated in projects in the domains of word segmentation by infants, evolutionary computing, multi-agent systems, data mining and tram line simulation. My final thesis examined the feasibility of AIs ignoring opponents in multi-player games.

During my academic time I’ve served three years as board member of my Study Association and I participated and chaired several committees. I was also elected to the Faculty Council for two consecutive years, the second years of which I was elected chairman by the students and staff. These activities, next to my sports, friends, hobbies and work made that I had no trouble keeping myself busy during to my studies.


Master of Science – Artificial Intelligence

Utrecht University, November 2018 (expected)

Bachelor of Science – Data Science and Knowledge Engineering

Maastricht University, August 2016

Tweedegraads Lesbevoegdheid – Docent Wiskunde

Maastricht University, March 2014

Study related interests

I did my studies in Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. These terms are of course quite broad. Some of the more specific topics of my studies I found interesting are:

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Evolutionary Computing
  • Game AI
  • Agents

IT related interests

I am also interested in several IT related topics which weren’t directly covered during my studies, such as:

  • Server Management. I’ve set up and managed several (Linux) servers, in part professionally. These are used for web services, code building, databases, mailing, project management.
  • Networking. I’ve set up the MysteryLAN LAN party. Organising the events taught me a lot, but I enjoyed the technical aspects the most. Especially the setting up of the custom-built router, gameservers, fileserver, download cache and VLANs.
  • ICT Support. I’ve worked at the ICTS Servicedesk of Maastricht University and as On-Site Support at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Debugging ICT problems (which I like to call informed googling) is rewarding to do when I can find a solution.

Non-IT related interests

And last, but certainly not least, there are non-IT related topics that I like to spend my time on. These include:

  • Sports. At a young age I’ve enjoyed gymnastics, swimming and football. Later in life this became competitive futsal in a team of friends.
  • Music. I’ll admit this is a white lie. After playing the recorder (Dutch: blokfluit) in primary school I’ve played flugelhorn for many years, getting my A, B and C diplomas. But since attending the University I’ve hardly played. As everyone, I too am planning to pick it up again someday.
  • Social events and friends. I’m very happy with my group(s) of friends. The evenings out in the town, birthdays, festivals, mini-LANs, sporty activities and others are a lot of fun.

So, this is me in a nutshell

If you’d like to know more, please have a look at my Curriculum Vitae, visit my LinkedIn or feel free to contact me.