About me

I studied Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at the University of Maastricht. Here I got my teaching degree in mathematics in 2014 and my Bachelor of Science degree in 2016. During this time, I participated in research projects in the domains of Tetris AI, three-cushion billiards AI, two-player board games AI and traffic simulation. My final thesis examined the application of Monte-Carlo Tree Search in the board game Risk.

After my studies in Maastricht I studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht. Here I chose the agent focused study track and finished my Master of Science programme in late 2018. In Utrecht I participated in projects in the domains of word segmentation by infants, evolutionary computing, multi-agent systems, multi-agent learning, game AI, discrete event simulation and data mining. My final thesis examined the feasibility of AIs ignoring opponents in multi-player games.

Of the topics covered in my studies I found the subjects of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Evolutionary Computing and Game AI the most interesting. Most of my academic and personal projects are programmed in Java, Kotlin and Python. I also have limited experience with C#, SQL, PHP, R and Matlab.

During my studies I was elected to the Faculty Council for two consecutive years, the second years of which I was elected chairman by the students and staff. I’ve also served three years on the board of my Study Association and I participated in and chaired several committees. These activities, next to my sports, friends, hobbies and work made that I had no trouble keeping myself busy during to my studies.

Extracurricular Interests

Software Engineering

I've created several research projects, as well as freelance and personal projects. My personal projects focus on mobile games, 2d board games and artificial intelligence. Creating larger projects gave me a good understanding how to create well-structured object-oriented code.

Network Management

Organising the MysteryLAN LAN parties taught me a lot, both organisationally and technically. The technical aspects were the most interesting, such as custom-building the router, designing the network infrastructure and configuring the different servers.

Server Management

As system and network administrator I've configured and managed many (Linux) servers used for DevOps, project management, web services, databases, mailing, etc. I also run my own webhosting service for friends and family.

ICT Support

I’ve worked at the ICTS Servicedesk of Maastricht University and as On-Site Support at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I still like to tackle ICT problems for friends and family from time to time, as many other computer enthusiasts do.


Master of Science – Artificial Intelligence

Utrecht University, January 2019

Bachelor of Science – Data Science and Knowledge Engineering

Maastricht University, August 2016

Tweedegraads Lesbevoegdheid – Docent Wiskunde

Maastricht University, March 2014